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Our Research

We are committed to providing cutting-edge research and services to help our clients succeed. Browse our samples below to see some of our capabilities and explore how we can help your business reach its goals.

Playing Poker

Analytics to uncover transaction fraud

We aim to apply advanced analytics to better understand drivers of transaction fraud. We can analyze the statistical distributions of transaction frequency and size to provide actionable insight to help you take control of your business's security.

Forecasting Inventory

Using a simple data-oriented approach to forecasting, we can help determine the optimum "spread" of inventory in a given month. In the example, 50% of the month's total purses should ship in the first 10 days, then 30% in the next ten days, and so on. This approach teaches you about the demand of your products across time, and how to meet it.

Vintage Purses

Predicting Server Failure Using Spatial Filtering

Using a vector-based method of generating "fake" server failures, we can create a balanced dataset to help train powerful machine learning algorithms to classify a server as "imminent to fail" or "safe." For example, this sample exercise returns an 84% accurate probability of a given server failing. 

Simulating Sales Boost from Social Media

We can use a mathematical framework realistically simulate customers interacting with your business. Each customer will come from a specially shaped distribution based on their demographics and conversion. With enough data we can simulate potential increases in revenue coming from marketing efforts.

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